July 15, 2008

Me or You?

So0o0o0o, I decided to put up another post on my blog for today because i was thinking about "stuff" (lol) and i thought it was pretty important... So i'll just cut to the chase.

Yesterday I was in the back seat (or middle) of my van next to the window. My family and I parked next to this bank so my dad could get out and and go in. While I'm sitting there I see this man check this lady out, another person acting a little strange, and almost every other person on the sidewalk. Then my dad comes back and we drive on... What's the point to this? You'll see.
When we get to an intersection there were a lot of people old and young. I noticed this old couple walking on the sidewalk, a bunch of stores, a little girl with her family, and all kinds of normal people. Or maybe not so normal.
Have you ever thought about how people are judged? By goth, emo, peppy, "normal", weird, retarded,... can you think of any others? Nerdy (just 'cause we're smart), cool (because we're jocks and cheerleaders). Have you ever noticed that people are always in groups, or clicks, or however you call them? Homeschooled or public schooled? Oh yes, maybe you haven't noticed, but I most certainly have.
Now think about this: What if we narrowed all the people down? Not by religion, because there are billions of religions too! No, I mean, how about 2 groups? (nope not public schooled vs. homeschooled--NO OFFENCE to anyone!) I mean Heaven vs. Hell. Or Christ vs. Satan.
All of those people I saw while we were driving, that little girl, that elderly couple, all of them, I'll never know if they knew Christ or not. If they were Christian or any other religion. If they were with the devil himself. I'm not sure if my stats are right, but I'm pretty sure that the ratio is 2/10. Guess where I stand? Guess where maybe you stand? Yep, I'm in the danger zone.... The number 2. Out of a group of people, most likely we're 2, because that's all i see.
Peer pressure is out there, the kind where kids want you to take drugs, smoke, have "realtionships" (you probably understand that), whatever. Dress like them, have lots of money.... "Ya know, I'm rich. My daddy has a million dollars." "Oh really? Guess how much I have." "I have a cellphone... Is yours the new flip phone? Oh wait, you don't have one."
Naw, I don't have a cellphone ("guess what? I share with my mommy. so ha!" lol :P).
Nah, I don't have millions of dollars.
Nope, I don't have a boyfriend at my age... Maybe you, but not me.
No, I don't pay THAT much money on my clothes ("I get hand-my-downs...So I think I'm better than all of you").
No, I heard smoking's bad for you lungs.
Uhm, no, i don't do drugs ("Say no" sorry, that commercial's in my head)
But guess what? I am rich still. (yes i know you all have heard this from your parents, your pastor, but bear with me please). Because I have Christ.
HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT THAT WE HAD NO CHOICE FOR HEAVEN AND HELL? no choice until a very generous and merciful God sent His Son. That Jesus DIED on a CROSS (wow, very painful). And He was WILLING. Willing! I would never have the guts to save the world like that. Let everyone die! (just JOKING--lol).
But we do, and guess how many people rejected that? GUESS! Out of gazillionz and trillions of people JUST GUESS HOW MANY REJECTED. JUST GUESS HOW MANY ARE ACCEPTING. ya, they wait till their in trouble in Russia or China until they receive, which is very sad. They wait till they have the "perfect moment" (yeah before something tragic happens).
There are hypocrits and others... But there are few of us... Everyone tells someone to make a choice. It's like when a man with a gun forces to give him money and you're all like "Ok ok!" Now I'm not saying I'd be terrified, or i'd wann be murdered by a gun. I'd give it to him just like that. But how about being like, "Sure, sir. Here's some money..."
A friend asked what my special gift or something like that, and I said forgiveness because I forgive just like that. *with a snap of a finger* And she's like, "Ohhh, you're a Mercy." I had no idea that whatever she said existed, but i was like, yeah cool.
Jesus forgave us, but alot aren't receiving and i feel terribly sad for them.
Only then did i realize that those people on the street was like saying, "I'm literally probably never going to see you again." And it was so sad. Because no one ever realizes. And that makes me go into depression. Why can't just people listen? Why can't they accept that there's a One and True God?

I know sad topic!!! And I'm sorry for preaching to you, but sheesh this was a lot tot think about. It made me sad... But yeah... Ok my sister is begging for me to get off so I better do as she says!! lol



Zoe said...

That's okay! I read the whole post and thought it very interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
It is very sad indeed that Christ suffered and died for all the people on Earth and yet many reject Him.... Or never even heard of Him what He did for them.
I pray for people like that all the time.

mitzi said...

I love reading your posts that talk about Bible-related topics. :) You make it so easy to understand... It's just so cool to read :D

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

WOW. Okay. that's all I have to say.

bookworm4god said...

lol, I hope WOW is good DoT...;)