July 17, 2008

P.E.: Pure Endurement

Yes I know that I just posted about the Me or You & the Lying thing... But I think you guys will be able to handle boredom right now ;)

Yes, I also know that P.E. really stands for Physical Education, but not right now!!! lol =D
So what I'm going to talk about right now is Pure Endurement (P.E.), and what do you think I mean by that?
Well first is Pure. Keeping your heart pure, your body pure, and just basically your mental and physical body pure. (Yes i know you've been told hundreds of times, but i'm telling you one-hundred-and-one times!!! lol)
Second is Endurement. Well I mean, come on, what can you endure and what can't you endure? Enduring is something that you try to take in, something you succeed in that people find hard.
Have you ever seen that show called Endurance? Where the kids have to endure hard challenges? They're fun, but they're still hard.
Well, what about the modesty endurement?
What about all that peer pressure endurement?
Have any of your friends worn ugly (aka: innapropriate) clothes? Especially the girls? Have the pressured you int odoing something like that?
I sure have been. I've tried to "endure" the no's, but sometimes it'll come out as a yes.
Sometimes I have to endure the teasing because I'm Christian and I act certain ways. Yup, I have friends who say they "are" Christian, when they totally act opposite. They'll honestly tell me what they do and don't like of other friends, or just me.
But this is why it's called Pure Endurement. Can you endure being pure? Can you stand it? Or can't you?
SO MANY CLOTHES that are so immodest!
So many drugs out there that make your body SICK!
So many people out there that want you to do the wrong things! Either sexual or just plain wrong. Smoking in the bathroom (i've heard of that one), cutting class in the middle of school, taking drugs, low-cut shirts or small mini-skirts. Yeah, they may think it's cool (and again you've heard this from your parents)--IT"S NOT. Trust me.
When you get older and you had actually taken the right path, it'll come back to you. Whether friends apologizing, whether people admiring you, or maybe something awesome happens in your life.
Some Bible verses: "For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need." Phillipians 4:13
"But no, all have turned away from God; all have become corrupt. No one does good, not even one!" Psalm 14:3
One of my favorites: "For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago." Ephesian 2:10

DID YOU READ THAT? We're his masterpiece. That makes me feel so great inside!
I've been having trouble with a couple of friends lately. One who doesn't know he's been creating problems, and one who sort of does, but she thinks she's in the right.
Both have apologized, but this makes me think. What started it in the first place? Sin, of course. And I realize (and this makes me so great at forgiving) that since we're all sinners, we just have to try to do our best. Keep ourselves as pure as we can.
Pure Endurement. That's it. That's all we need.
So many people pressure you into things you're not sure whether to do or maybe you are sure you're don't want to do it. Soooo many people. And the pressure is everywhere... Even when you're not with people.
Stores now basically have immodest clothing.
Places like Blockbuster are selling drugs.
Kids are smoking beccause they think it's cool. (wait till their lungs turn black and they're about to die.)
Guys and girls are having "relationships" and it's totally not cool. Especially when everyone, especially a little child, alive and well, are hurt.
This is SO ENTIRELY UNCOOL. Not awesome, not nice, not Christ-like, not positive in anyway, and the ydon't even realize it.
But we do. So we CAN make a difference (wow, a song just popped up in my head with that same line). =D



A Girl of Many Colors! said...

*sings* We can make a difference, we can make a change, we can make the world a better place!

Really wow. So true. Did you think up P.E. by yourself?

bookworm4god said...

haha that is exactly the song i was thinking!! lol, *how'd you know?!*
ahha, yes i thought of P.E. by myself (i'm so proud, naw jk)

mitzi said...

You're posts are always so good to read! :)

Mikaela said...

i dunno she's anna. om you like Dragons in our mist too??!!! I luv them!

Erica said...

Great post! I like your website . . .