July 15, 2008

Title Competition and Pictures (post #1 for the day)

Well, I'm not surprised that the votes for Click here if you wanna be random got more than all the others. Yes it won with 4 votes!!
ahha, naw, the title Soar won with 3 votes,
Trials got 1
Truth got 1 too... Which I thought Trials and truth were pretty good... but that's how it works!! lol so i'm OFFICIALLY gonna put the last poll for the title competition!!! yayayayayayay =D (YSSR! for you forumers, lol)
WOW, usually i take forever with posting for the title competition but not today!! i've got other things:PP

I'm posting pictures of the ocean where i live just to make one of my best friend's from the DIOM forum jealous (yes DoT, it's you--prepare to be jealous!! muahahahaha) naw, just kid. My mom said some of the pictures i could frame... I was like WHOA i never thought they were good enough to frame... Ya know, maybe a postcard, but... JUST KID, here ya go!

I hope you liked them.... I went with a family from Honduras to downtown so we could go to the big library and on our people mover. It was lots of fun, but then we went to the ocean (or they call it Bayfront), and that was cool too.
The last one is of a Street Preacher. I was soooooo surprised that we had them. I saw 2, but I only had a chance to take a picture of one. And this was in downtown... I've been there many times and yet never saw any of 'em. The picture of the Street Preacher is the second one i saw, the first one actually had a little puplit/table, he had a Bible, AND he even had about 7-10 chairs! Sadly, only one lady was there listening to him. But it was a little bit better than the guy in the second picture... He was actually yelling out his sermon in the middle of the area. No one was really listening and then they were. He was yelling out so many things though that it was hard to concentrate on where I was going...

WELL, i still ahve another post i'd like to put on so laterz:)



Anonymous said...

Cool pics! I love going to that big library. :)

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Okay. Congrats, bookworm. You've succeeded in makin' me jealous.

bookworm4god said...

lol, you know i'm joking!!! though, YAYYY, naw jk ily