February 12, 2009

YCF and other

I have added a link to the YCF picture, guys! The question is: Where does it lead to? WELL it leads to the YCF blog! WOO!
We have so far 25 active and non-active members of the YCF. And I'm thrilled to have been in it for almost hte beginning (I believe--maybe not :P).

BUT there's a matter Araken brought up and if you haven't visted the YCf blog recently OR his blog, you should go! He's in my blog roll.
He's brought up the matter of having a leader or council. And I think it's a very good idea to have a YCF council. *nods*

BUT it's up to the other YCF members to vote on it...So we'll see.

ALSO, we have 2 NEW members! YAY. They'll be announced over the blog.

Have a great day...!



~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Happy happy birthday, bookie! Poke2 You may wanna check out my blog. *whistles innocently*

~Desiree~ said...

Happy Birthday to you and Carolyn! You are (both) great friends! Love you!!!

Tibby said...

Happy birthday bookie!!! i luv your new template!

Araken said...

Happy Birthday!