February 24, 2009

Ooh, oh! *raises hand* I have a prayer request!

Hi guys! :D Look at me posting almost everyday, I'm proud of myself. :D Just kid...But yeah, to the point.
I have a prayer request I'm asking of you guys. Some of you guys know me in person and know that I've been kind of struggling with a stomach/digestion problem. And even those that don't know me in person, if you've kept up with my blog since way before, you should know what I'm talking about. ;)
Well, it takes away a LOT of my appetite. If I get sick I won't want to eat more than I can survive on basically. But I've been on medication and just recently (last Friday maybe), I had this sudden urge to eat everything I saw in my sights. And, yes, to some people that's a very bad thing, but for everyone that saw me and KNEW how weird this is--it was great. I had my entire appetite I had more than a year ago before my gastritis started happening. I've been actually losing weight through this, and it's gotten a little scary at times, but prayer helps a lot. I've been constantly reminded how great God is when he answers my prayers. =]
ANYWAY, Sunday I wasn't feeling so hot, and I didn't eat much, but yesterday was a little better. And I'm asking for prayer that I get my appetite back again. It was a great feeling that I could eat till my stomach was full and I didn't have to freak about getting sick. =D

BY THE WAY, I've only noticed that a couple of you have visted T4G's/Bryce's blog. Her Scavenger Hunt his gonna start soo nand hse needs a couple more participants! You don't even need to have a blog in order to do it. She's provided her e-mail, go ahead and just ask to join. Stranger or no stranger she'll welcome you anyway! :D
(Besides, I need a little competetion and ~Prism~/DoT/aGoMC is the only one that knows how competetive I can get. ;) :D)

Have a great week,

P.S. Now I have to go get ready to dissect a Crayfish!! BLECH. We have Biology today....*sighs*

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HorseLuver said...

Prayers coming your way Bookie!