February 17, 2009

My crazily wonderfultasticallishicouslyness week!

Hip-hip-hooray! I had an amazing week last week. :) Why, is your question?? :D
1)I had no school for five days.
(Why did I have no school for five days?)

2)Thursday was my birthday!

And I'm such a girl, I asked for jewelry, nailpolish, and sunglasses. And I got them! :D haha--oh well

3)Friday was PACE, my co-op. But it was also a terrific day because that was the beginning of our Missions Conference!!!

Which was amazingful, we had a certain pastor there. And he was great!--(Except I didn't get to hear Friday night's wonderful sermon...because something happened. ~EMBARRASSING MOMENT~ *sighs*)

4)Saturday was VALENTINE'S DAY!

And oh gosh, even months before February, I was dreading that day. BUT I still had fun. I didn't dread it as much because it was still the Missions Conference!! :D Which was still amazingful.

5)Sunday, my good friends, was church!
I love Sundays :)


I found out some people weren't doing school on that day (other homeschoolers), and my siblings and I were able to convince my mom that one more day without school wouldn't make much of a difference! :D So my friend, who I'll nickname Shlee, came over. =]

So yes, awesome week. And now I just finished my school.....So I'm in for a not so fantastic, but still fantastic (because God made it) week. haha
On another note--WHO IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD HAS NOT VISITED BRYCE/Twin4God's BLOG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
And--WHO IN THE UNIVERSE HAS NOT DECIDED TO PARTICIPATE IN HER SCANGER HUNT?!?! I think I'm gonna change my poll to vote on her Scavenger Hunt... Guys, she asked for fifteen people, only a few (including me) have decided to participate in it (including GoMC for sure, and I'm not sure about some of you others).... But this isn't just to get people to visit her blog--trust me, she has people--but it's a way to have fun. All of us just sit around on our stupid chairs reading posts and writing them. It's time to have some MORE fun! It won't last forever. She changed some of the rules around, so I'm giving you guys the link to her updated version. And trust me, you may think these rules are great, but I kinda liked the older version. It was more challenging. :D
MY post about the Scavenger Hunt
Bryce's post about HER most totally awesome Scavenger Hunt
People, there is a reason why I have the icon in my sidebar! Do you see that adorable little boy and the spyglass? Yeah, click that button. Get to advertising her Hunt on your blog, and JOIN it yourself! It's gonna be super fun! :)
(and no, I'm not asking for points on this one, Bryce. It's super okay...:D)

Have a great week,

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