February 22, 2009

My experience....At a Greek festival and a cathedral. :P

TODAY is Sunday. And not only did I go to church--but I was also taken to a Greek festival.... :D And it was interesting--but different.

The moment I get inside the building/church/cathedral, still in my church attire, I find that it's CROWDED with people. I was starving, but there were so many people, and so this lady, my sister, and I looked some jewelry (while my cousin did some other stuff). And I'm not going to go on about how unigue and pretty some of the rings, necklaces, and bracelets were...But Im going to tell you something EXTREMELY interesting (and I guess not good to Chirstians, like me--but I was just learning. *HOMESCHOOL MOMENT*):
There was SO much jewelry, but most of them had a specific design like each other. And that design was a solid color, and then a dot in the middle of it.
And so this lady (my friend), P, asked about it with some lady there at the table, and the lady said "Oh, that's an eye! If you wear a bracelet with that, it just shows that it's protecting you."

WELL, then everywhere I went besides that, I kept seeing tons of beautiful jewelry, and then amidst the many bracelets and necklaces, I would see some specifically with that design, just in different colors. A while later it started freaking me out. :P The superstition people used to have and have now....

The second thing I noticed was how colorful everything was! It was beautiful... I'd love to visit there Greece someday, but I don't think I'll ever get that chance. Oh well!

THIRD thing, that was also itneresting/not good...Was I went inside the cathedral next to it (that was also part of the festival), and this was my first time.
I was pretty stunned.

It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I had never been in one before, and I was like "WHOA".
So we sat in there for a while, just looking at the colors and whatever. The ceiling was so high, there were pillars everwhere. It was COOL. And then I noticed tons of candles...I mean TONS. And when we finally started leaving, I asked why there were candles, because I didn't know what they were all about. I've seen them in movies, but I neevr thought to ask about them. No one explained it to me. But P did. She told me that they were for worshipping idols and such....I was like, "Oh?" And then she told me to walk with her to the foyer to leave, but when we were, she walked slowly and deliberately and told me to watch the man.
I had seen all the picture of people/angels/saints/whatever, and I was like why are those in here?? But when P told me to watch the man, I finally realized what was going on. They'd light a candle, set it down in some sandy part, and then he'd go up to this picture that was angraved or just there on some little stand/set and he'd do that cross motion Catholics do, and then kids the picture.
I just stood there.

I hadn't ever realized....I mean, I knew idolotry was still going on--I just never....thought I'd SEE it.

Ex 20:3-4 (NIV) "You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below."

Goodness gracious...I mean, I couldn't do anything about it, but I was like "WHA?"
The first time I saw him do it, it shocked me. Second time, right before I left, I wanted to smack him. The church was beautiful, but what went ON in that church... Stupid stuff.
God is the only one you should worship. Period. There's nothing more to say.

But other than that, I had a great day. :) Just thought I'd share with you my experience. :D

ACK. Tomorrow's MONDAY! *grimaces* Have a great week--do well in school kids! (*looks at self*)


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's cool that you got to see inside that church! We drive by it all the time. It's sad, though, like you said. :/

Tippie said...

I agree! :) Cathedrals are SO beautiful! It is so sad to see them worshiping in the wrong way; worshiping to idols. *shakes head in sadness*

I bet the jewelry was beautiful! I would so loved to have come and seen it too! :)