February 19, 2009


Mhmm, you DID come to the right blog!
I just changed my template and picture, that's all. :D
I had three options, and when this one's finally gotten tiresome to me...I'll change it. The black and white one was really nice (thank you, Bryce), but I needed a new one for now. :D

I sincerely hope you like it--and if you do, TELL ME! Mucho appreciation :D

I also added words...because I have no idea if anyone ever reads my About Me...so yeah. :D

Prism/aGoMC, I'll get closer to #100..this is what? My 95th post?? :D

Have a great day,


princessesindisguise said...

I like it! Very cute. :)

~Prism~ said...

Bookie! Luvin' the new template and header! What genius helped you pick it? *wink wink*

It looks awesome!

ChristsButterfly said...

I love it Bookie! It looks awesome :]