May 19, 2008


yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:) I joined this awesome group called Young Christian Force. And basically it's just witnessing through your blog. We all have faith and God in coomon, and with that, nothing can conquer. It's a really cool idea, and for those of my friends out there with blogspot or anyother, I encourage you to join too:)



Zoe said...

Welcome! I am glad you joined! I am part of YCF as well.

Ian said...

Welcome to the YCF!


Anonymous said...

Hey there - Danielle/bookworm4god - Thought I would say hi up here for you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Welcome to the YCF. I just joined too. Not a real big thing, but it's nie to have christian friends online who care about you and read your blog.

These guys are great so far, and they love books just as much as I do. I have also joined to DioM forum [ ] which has lots of fun things if you havent joined there already.

SO - welcome to the family - and pup over to my blog everyonce in awhile. I post almost everyday and I think I have you added to my blogroll!!

YBT * Amber

Sapphira Adi said...

Welcome to the YCF! Glad to have ye aboard! I added the link to your blog from my blog, by the way. Thanks for adding the link from your blog to mine!


bookworm4god said...

Thanks!!! yay