May 26, 2008

Ideas, YCF, and stufffff

Ahhh. Ok, so i really am going to try to get into my writing again. But i have to think up ideas, and i have absolutely none. I have no idea if i should do fantasy or just plain fiction. I have like no IDEAAAA. lol, if any of you guys have an idea that you don't mind sharing then that would help:PP Of course i don't want to take ideas away from you, but
OMG new members for the YCF group. Welcome Kale and Carolyn:) Soooo great that you joined. It's awesome:D
I'm going to post new videos soon, I also have other stuff... but yeah...... Haha, my poll is gonna be done in like either a day or 2 and only 6 peoplezzz have like voted.. lol oh well:P
I CAN'T WAIT till the quiz's for the Echoes from the Edge contest starts!!! yayyayayayay:D lol.... i bet you guys can't wait either!!! haha... so yeah... SEE YA LATERS!!!

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Shelby Marie said...

Hello...just a quick note to say hi and welcome you to the YCF...hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog on mine?
Shelby Marie