May 20, 2008

Working out writing?

So yes, I have been thinking alot lately. And some of it is about my writing. (I think somewhere around here i have posted about my love for writing....somewhere). And I realized that most of my stories that I've TRIED to keep up just stopped. And I wondered why that happened. Was it because I lost interest in the actual story? Or maybe it's because of the fact that my computer has hit some virus and it's taken forever to fix, and then again, and I forgot? Or maybe I just ran out of ideas.... Maybe all of them. But now I'm going to try harder. I'm they type that writes without an outline. It's in my head but I just go along with it. Now maybe some of you do write with an outline. Is it easier? Because honestly I do have "ideas" that i try to fit in, but some of it doesn't work out... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Zoe said...

I am like you, I tend to think better without the pain of an outline.
If I want to get my thoughts down I have noticed that it is easier to just brainstorm on a piece of paper (not organized or anything) and write down everything that comes to my mind.
I'll tell you, I have been trying to write a book for 5 years now and have not had any success whatsoever! lol! So you might not want to take my advice!

Anonymous said...

hey there bookworm friend
yes you can add my blog link - totallyh fine with me
and your welcome for the comments
i love them so I can imagine how happy it makes other people as well :)

I so know what your talking about with the stories. I have bout a billion started, i loose them, I stop and can't pick back up, i forget about them.... ah I have a story issue where I have to write but it never ends ... maybe because real true love nevers ends - good books/stories never end?? LOL I wish...

anyways :P *YBT*Amber

Elliot Reed said...

Without outlines, please!! I work much better without an outline, though I can use them. Anyways, I was just stopping in here to welcome you to the YCF!


Sapphira Adi said...

I am so glad you're in the YCF, now! I love how our group brings us all together:) I work better without outlines.