May 11, 2008

For The Moment I Feel Faint

I really like this video. Relient K is one of my favorite bands, and this song really helps when you're having an off day. :)

~God Bless~


Twin4God said...

Nice! I've never seen that one before.

My little brother just hot a haircut! I posted pictures on one of my blogs. It is so cute.

Sorry for being random on your blog. I really so like that video and your other posts.

bookworm4god said...

haha thanks:) i don't mind randomness... i'll go check 'em out:)

bookworm4god said...

hey twin, i don't know which blog...cuz u only have ONE and it doesn't ave an pics

Twin4God said...

I have three blogs. I thought I sent the web address to your sister. Here is the one with pictures.

I have posted some other stuff since the haircut so you will have to scroll down.

Amber - Ybtolerant said...

Hey - this is YBT from the YCF, you joined yet? Because I just put you on the YCF list at my site!

Ybtolerant * aka Amber

bookworm4god said...

lol hey YBT, yeah i just joined.. thanks!