December 7, 2009

An answer to prayers gives encouragement to my prayers.

It's been a really long time since I've posted some of my thoughts. And not that any of you would like to hear/read them, I think I'll still post this one. It's really important to me. :)

11:30 P.M--I'm still thankful, 12:00 A.M--Guess what? I'm still thankful!

So mof you have read that post of mine-- and that was last year, when I wrote terribly-- so some of you also beared with me there. I wrote more awful than I do now, it's kind of sad. But this isn't what that post OR this post is about.

The second part of that post, there's a story about a girl (Yali) and her boyfriend (whose name is Robert, actually). I was saying how Robert was not a Christian, and that it would be really nice if he became saved. But it's hard to have a reltionship when you're a Christian and someone else isn't. No I have never experienced that, but my parents have told me that. Some adults, who've experienced it, have told me that, too. So we did have a LITTLE hope. There was the fact that his girlfriend's family is a Christian, and that they would lead him to Christ.
But I also remember a remark from someone (I don't think I was dreaming, I think it was actually from my friend Prism) about how that would be really tough and most people don't recommend it. I respect that comment a lot. It's true. Just like I said up there, since it is hard, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone either.

But want to hear something really awesome?
Robert is now saved.

Oh yes, the young man is now walking with Jesus. And it's really exciting and encouraging to hear that. It happened about a few months ago, I believe, and he still hasn't gotten baptized-- but he's following God.

So prayer works most definitely.
No matter what, God listens.

And that encourages me a lot.

I told my friend, who will remain as Lu for now, about a guy that wheeled me down in a hospital the other day.
--> I got another endoscopy done for my stomach (some of you have kept up with my blog for over a year and know exactly what I'm talking about), and when it was finished and I was ready to go to my car, they told me that I needed to be wheeled down, because I wouldn't make it walking (which is such a lovely thought :P).
Now, if some of you remember, I posted about last year-- and the young man who wheeled me then.
Hospital Visit

All in all, the guy bascially didn't even give me a second thought of how I'd appreciate if he talked to me instead of texting a foot away directly across from me. :P And honestly, that's okay-- but this time the guy that wheeled me down really wanted to chat.

And I got a chance to talk to him a little about God and our religions. Now HIS fiance (yes, in a total of five to fiteen minutes, I can find out about when a person wants to get married, what's his religion, and what he wants to be without imposing :P) is a Catholic. And I was asking some questions, and in the end of our conversation he was like "We'll see how complicated it gets." (I did make a remark about that before).
Right now, even though I am most likely never ever going to meet him again, I'm praying for Felix. It'd be awesome if everything-- all of his plans he told me about for his future and stuff would work out, but it'd be even more awesome if he became saved. He's not anything. :P He just "respects [his] girlfriend's religion" but that's it.
For him to become a Christian would be awesome. And though I probably will never know, it doesn't hurt to pray for him.



~Breanna~ said...

That is nice that you are thankful!!!!!! Cause you know some people are thankful ):

Camden said...

That's awesome! It's sort of funny how prayer works. The more we pray, the more we see answers to prayer, so we're encouraged to pray more, see more answers....

It's cool to hear how God's been working around you. As well, I prayed for Felix, and that he would come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Hey you really have a heart for people and God, which is really awesome to see.

Prayer does work. "For which one of you if his son asks for a fish will give him a snake. Or if he asks for bread will give him a stone. If you then being evil know how to give good gists to your children how much more will your Father give good gifts to those who ask Him?"

Be encouraged :D.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you,so head over to my blog and get my tag!!!!