December 27, 2009

God - He loves and exists

I was driving to my grandma's house tonight. And I was listening to this Christian radio with my mom. It was this lady, who's a Christian author (Lisa Harp? the radio just said she wrote the book "A Perfect Mess" or something rather), and she was talking about the book of Psalms. How the book is almost like a diary of David.
Complaining to praising, he just let all of his emotions out. But what she was also stating was that God loves us no matter what. That was pretty cool to hear.
He wants to hear it all.

So what about being a goody-two shoes, or TRYING to be perfect? No one is perfect, but it's nice to be Christlike. No matter what, though, God still shows His love. He doesn't want you working on yourself and not being dependent on Him. He wants to HOLD you-- tightly, and He won't ever let go of you. That's awesome.
Without His love, you wouldn't have hope to live. <-- That's even more awesome knowing He's always loved you.

--Which brings me back to tonight. My mom, after the radio ended there, asked if we wanted to hear anything (my sibs were in the car too). She'll let us listen to our music during carrides, which is pretty nice of her. :) And I think she was happy when I suggested a Chris Tomlin CD (I'm a huge fan of Christian artists and I think I've gotten her hooked on the guy's CD :P). Anywho, as we got on the freeway, the music started and I noticed a ton of car were lined up at a streetlight. We passed them and sped up and more cars we passed, but this time, on the freeway with us. And each and every person's face was focused on something. Yeah, it was their driving, but I couldn't help but think "There is no possibilty that God doesn't exist."

What if God didn't exist and there was no heaven or hell?
What if there was no God that didn't show us His amazing love? <--[Through Jesus Christ, our Savior, Creation, and the Bible.]

We would be dead. -- But I don't feel dead because I accepted Jesus as my Savior.
But looking at all those people... There's just no possible way that you can just die and stay dead. Never go anywhere. The realization has to hit everyone.
It's IMPOSSIBLE. You've worked so har for -what?- nothing, and then just die? I don't think so. Baseball players to ballerinas to preachers to people who don't do anything. We all will be equal someday. I'll be equal with everyone in heaven, but I'm GOING somewhere. God sent Jesus Christ, His son, to earth to save us all. That's in history.
And that's absolutely cool.

I love the fact that I'm going to live forever, and spend the rest of my life (after death on earth) with Him.


(BTW, the song by Chris Tomlin was "Sing, Sing, Sing"... Or something liek that. Anywho, it added great affect. :D)


Anonymous said...

It's good for me to hear that again, that God *wants* to hear everything I have to say. =) It's so awesome that He loves me and wants to hear about all my hopes, dreams, struggles, and doubts.

Abigail Prudence said...

Hi Maiden of Emmanuel, you have a very pretty blog, and I love your posts & your playlist! Have a happy new year, and you can check out my blog at,

God Bless,
Abigail Prudence

Camden said...

Thanks MOE! A lesson I've learned in 2009 is that God wants -and only wants- complete honesty on our part, not beautifying our lives to something we're not, but coming to God as we are so that He can change us.


I'm a huge fan of Chris Tomlin too!
"Lift high the name of Jesus!"

valerie said...

Seriously, whenever I am thinking something about the Lord, I come to your blog and you have written a whole post on it that helps me understand it in so much more depth!!! It's like... JUST what I need to hear! God is so amazing to use you like that in my life! I love you!! haha <3
P.s. that song is awesome!

Sapphira Adi said...

That is so cool. It really makes me appreciate God even more. If I didn't have in my life...I don't know how I'd feel. I would feel empty. Lost. Confused. But it's awesome to know I have God!