May 1, 2009

Some AWESOME posts by fellow YCFers &&&&&&& A question asked by YOURS truly. ;)

So there have been some really great posts from some fellow YCFers! And I've enjoyed reading them lots, because mine could never get that good, I'm linking to the ones I've especially liked. ^_^

One that helped me think a lot was Ian's post, Challenged Faith I've actually had that same phase, even though my dad's a pastor. It's just a super sudden thought that comes, and the thing is, I STILL believe, I just want to find more proof that way I can witness better. Gracias, Ian! :)

Another one I really enjoyed reading was Sapphira's post, Loneliness The verse is COMPLETELY true (there's probably more in the Bible like that), and it shows that there will always be Someone there for you, no matter the circumstances. *grins* Thanks, Sapphira!

And part of a little series he's been doing, Camden (who was originally Elliot Reed) has been posting about love. :)

Love: Part 1: What Is Love?
Love: Part 2: Kinds of Love
Love: Part 3: When Love Fails .

Thankies, Camden! ^_^

Check 'em out! AND I picked the blog posts concerning faith in Jesus and love. The other recent blog posts that others have been doing, it's not to offend, I'm just picking a certain theme. =] I'm moved by a couple of them!

God always loves us.
He'll never forsake us.
And He is there.


On another note:
I have a test this next Friday. The 8th. I'd love prayers. It's the final test of the school year for me, whether I pass this grade or not. I REALLLLLY need to. :P

I've finished the WHOLE entire O'Malley Chronicles(by Dee Henderson)!(WELL, I'm in the prequel right now...) If you don't get this, then read The O'Malley Chronicles .

I've been keeping up with the polls, and I noticed that there are votes on changing my layout. Prism/aGoMC has asked me to change the font color because she had a hard time reading it--which I did! BUT, if that's not the only thing you feel like my changing, then TELL me. I'd love to know exactly what. There's always room for more improvements, no need to be shy. I love HONESTY. *grins and winks*

I'll be doing more important posts. Lately it's just been lyrics or about me, and I liked doing my "Important Thoughts" that are there in the sidebar.

My blogoversary is COMIN' UP! 6 more days, thanks to a reminder! (I hadn't been keeping up with it, but WOW. I can't wait!) :D

Again, tell me if you want something different going on for the blog. Especially the kind of stuff I should do to express my Christian faith and things. This blog is to honor Jesus.

God bless,


Camden said...

Thanks for mentioning me! (Part 4 is up now). I prayed for you!

As far as layout, it's sometimes hard to read with the background, but on the other hand, I think the background is really cool! As far as "Important" posts and stuff, that's something I've been trying to do more of as well. Still, just posting on life every now and again is still cool.


Misha said...

I think it's still hard to read because of the font color. Maybe it would be easier if you wrote in bold letters? You're blog's great :)


Misha said...

oh, and thanks for the band names!!! I hadn't heard of most of those before. I'll try to find their music :)

Thanks again!

Hannah said...

Hey Bookie! Sorry it took SO long for me to get back to you!

I'm following your blog, just so you know!

Thank you! I love being able to draw...that sounds conceited. :P But I've been practicing really hard! :D

I write Fantasy stories and some Sci-Fi. I'm working on a story right now that's about 100 pages...only. :D

Hope we can be friends!