May 28, 2009

"Creation's revealing Your majesty..."

I decided that I'd share a quick post on a picture I edited.

Remember that song I REALLY loved called Indescribable, by Chris Tomlin? WELL, I decided to touch up a picture I took some time I was in Honduras and added a quote from that song into it.

I hope you like it. Other than writing, photography and photo-editing is one of my hobbies. :) I love 'em all. =D


God bless,


Hannah said...

Cool picture. :D

Bleeding Cowboys is a pretty cool font.


~Prism~ said...

AWESOMENESS! I love the picture, and I absolutely love the text's font! What is it?????

God Bless ya chica!


~Desiree~ said...

Hey that is real pretty:) I have heard the song two, but I can;t remember if I like it:P

Elizabeth J. said...

I did like them.(=

Araken said...

That is really cool! I like the font!

Camden said...

Wow, that's really cool! When I look at a landscape like that, I can't just say 'it happened by chance.' There's beauty there, there's design, there's art, and there's order. Great picture!