April 6, 2009

The O'Malley Chronicles

WOWEE. I've been reading and reading, and I'm going to now post about one of my new favorite series. :D

The O'Malley Chronicles
Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, all abandoned or orphaned as teens, who have made the choice to become a loyal and committed family. They have chosen their own surname, O'Malley, and have stood by each other through moments of joy and heartache. Their stories are told in CBA best-selling, inspirational romantic suspense novels that rock your heart and restore strength and hope to your spirit.

Dee Henderson is truly an amazing author. She writes extremely well. And the stuff she puts about faith is great! =]

I think I've gotten Bryce/Twin4God also into them, SO, it's not just me that thinks this. ;)

The O'Malley Chronicles has seven books in it, including the prequel. So far I'm on the fifth one. :) (BUT, I have yet to read the preqeul!) Each time I finish each book I'm truly charmed and I'm dying to read the next book!

I'm giving two summaries of the first book and the prequel (that way there are no spoilers. =D)

The prequel is called Danger in the Shadows.
Reclusive author Sara Walsh hides from the public for a reason. As a child, she was kidnapped (with her twin sister, Kim) and locked in a root cellar for nine days. Their father, a diplomat, balked at paying the ransom, and Kim died on the eighth day. Twenty-five years later, one of the kidnappers, who remains frustratingly elusive, regularly torments Sara by sending momentos of their time together. Sara is locked in a gilded cage, and the potential key, retired football player Adam Black, may be too explosive for a life lived in shadow, but he is convinced Sara is the answer to his prayers.

The first book is called The Negotiator. --And it's the one that had me truly getting obsessed with these books. (*rolls eyes* Alright, not obsessed, but REALLY into them. :D)
Veteran hostage negotiator Kate O'Malley has seen humankind at its worst. In fact, she has become something of a legend for her ability to parlay a successful outcome from even the most desperate situations. FBI special agent Dave Richman, introduced in Henderson's Danger in the Shadows, has every reason to have lost faith. But he hasn't and Kate has. From their first encounter during a bank holdup, these two very disparate people are inexplicably drawn to each other. But can they overcome the obstacles? Dave's Christianity is as much a part of him as his desire for Kate, while Kate claims no particular belief in God. And can Dave relinquish his need to protect Kate when it is her job to place herself in danger? But Dave may not have a choice when a secret from Kate's past returns to haunt her--or kill her. Full of surprises, Dee Henderson's The Negotiator is a walk on the wild side and readers will love every thrilling minute!

The second is called The Gaurdian.
One of the many siblings, Marcus O'Malley, a U.S. Marshal.

The third: The Truth Seeker
One of the many siblings, Lisa O'Malley, a forensic pathologist.

The fourth is named The Protector.
Another one of the seven, Jack O'Malley, a fire-fighter.

Fifth is The Healer. --I'm currently on this one right now.
Rachel O'Malley, one of the four sisters, a trauma psychologist.

SIXTH- The Rescuer.
The fourth brother, Stephen O'Malley, a paramedic.


I have read another book she's written, called True Courage, but I think I'll wait on that one for another post. :D

Have a blessed week and a great spring break, guys!


Sonbeam3 said...

Love your blog - very creative and artistic. A treat for the eyes. You've got me interested in Dee Henderson's books...if only I had the time. Check out Sharon Hinck's trilogy The Sword of Lyric.
Be blessed.

KaleCharis said...

OOh!! They sound good! I'll have to see if the library has them.