May 10, 2009

It's MOTHER'S DAY! *nudges a reminder*

It's Mother's Day today!! And guess what? I almost forgot. *smacks forehead* My mistake. :P BUT, we did do stuff with my mom and it was fun. Church was great, we handed out small journal-type notebooks to all the mothers we have. It's been nice. =]

AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there reading this blog, too. :) I hope it's been a God-blessed day, and will continue to last.


OKAY, so guess what? My blogoversary came and went! THREE DAYS AGO. I've been so buys with my school, I just totally did NOT notice.
Anywhoo-IT"S BEEN A YEAR!! A very great year! I've created new friends, just by posting on a dinky little blog I have. I'm happy that the friends I have on here, penpals or not, you guys have stuck with me. :P And the new ones.... Let's just hope you have just as much of ednurance as they do--'cause you're gonna need it with me. ;)

I need some prayer, I'm going back tot he doctor's for a chek-up with my stomach. I just ran out of my medicine that I've been taking for about I-forget-how-many months now. But yeah.. I can tell my gastritis is better, but I'm not fully sure it's gone away. I went with it for quite a WHILE not knowing and not treating it... so yeah.
I had my test, thanks for the prayers about that! I truly appreciate that. :) I think I did pretty well, but I'll have to get my resuts before I get my hopes up WAY to high. :P
My mother is due in July with another SISTER. I'm going to be the oldest of six, and part of five girls plus a boy. What FUN! :D

OH, I reached the 65,000 word mark of my book! I'm so happy!!!! =D

Thanks for reading.
God bless,
~bookworm4god [AKA: Bookie]

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Camden said...

Lol, the first thing that came to my mind when I read your post was "I'm the only boy of four, and now he's going to be the only of six! I'll be praying for him." =D

Yes, I didn't forget about today, but I think I have before. It means a lot when you say thank you to someone like your mother.

And your Blogiversary? That's cool. My blogiversary was also my 100th post, so that was fun. =)