April 10, 2009

Good Friday

WELL, today is Good Friday, or the last part of it at least... And I decided I'd share wth you what I did to remember it!

Tonight my church held a movie night. We watched "The Gospel of John", and it was a pretty good movie. I recommend anyone that is capable of handling a smidge of vivid violence (the crucifixion), to watch it. =]

It was basically the whole book of John. And though we watched the two-hour version, there is a three-hour version that's WORD for WORD in the whole book. It was pretty easy to understand too.

IT IS rated PG13. And I myself had to close my eyes... Even though I'm past that part. It just depends if you're mature enough to handle it--or if your kids are. But my whole family watched t. =]

ANYWAY, yeah. It was great to actually remember the day Jesus died for us that way. =D

Have a blessed rest of Good Friday, and Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I wish we could've come. It sounds great, we'll have to rent it sometime.