April 17, 2009

My writinggg =D

I NOTICED...that I have not posted about the story I've been writing--since November 1st (remember guys? NaNoWriMo...:D).
There's been part of a reason called "writer's block". :P Hah, I've been experiencing it on and off, and it's been extremely annoying. <_<

I'm experiencing it now.

lol. But, it'll leave soon. I've been inspired by Miss AGoMC/Prism (AKA: DoTella to me) with some parts. :D I'm now very excited to start my writing gain, and I officially have 101 pages && 61k words. :D That's exciting. I'll at least have 70k, I believe... Probably more.

So prayers are needed. This is not only for my enjoyment, but I'm dong this to praise God and His awesomeness. =D

Thanksss for reading! =]

Have a great weekend,

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