November 1, 2010

1667 words seem a lot harder now.

I've officially started NaNoWriMo and I'm already stumped. Can you believe that?

I added the NaNo word count widgets but they don't seem to be working quite well - unless my problem is my computer and you can see my word count perfectly.

Why am I stumped already, you ask? (I really should stop assuming you [guys] are asking these questions)
Well, this is the beginning of my second "fantasy" novel. Technically it's not really fantasy, but more "Biblical" times (when I say "Biblical" I'm referring to the fact that people are using swords, there is a prince, and I use town or village instead of city... oh and mules, and horses, and carriages.) I've attempted fantasy before but I never got past it, which I could have written that novel, but it wasn't my favorite novel-- and I'm just typing away.

*little interruption* Here I have my Microsoft/I Stand at the Door document minimized on my laptop screen, stumped and having the hardest time for hours trying to write my NaNo novel, and then I pull up my blog and start typing away a long and lengthy ramble about why I'm stumped that is aready currently 197 words long in a matter of five-ten minutes. 197 by the time I finished writing the word currently. *finishes/quits the interruption*

Anywho, I know I can write fast, but this story's genre is way out of my comfort zone. If you have read before my synopsis's of my last two novels, I'm sure you realize that I'm not used to writing in a darker and older way before.

Maybe if I blog this much everyday, I can count it as a warm-up and it'll warm my brain to write - bogging I mean.

Are you tired of me?


Word count: 300.

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Araken said...

NaNoWriMo completely slipped my mind!