November 26, 2010

No, I have not fallen off the edge.

I lost a follower. It made me sad, but I realized why.

Would you like to know why, or do you already know?

I realized that I don't have very many fun things on my blog, and that is about to change. Truly, I know that I tell you I'll do a lot of fun stuff on my blog, but it never beats actual fun.
Another eason of my losing a follower is that I don't blog as much as I used to, but I will try to change my posting frequency as well. I plan to blog more, I just have so much school, plus NaNo. I've had this post saved as a draft forever, but I hope to post it soon. It's on fearing God :).

Anyway, I'm putting a new poll up, I also have this really great idea to do a book giveaway on the book that I'm reading currently, but that's an if, I'm completely unsure.

Otherwise, I'll be posting more fun stuff, as well as I hope to keep up my important thoughts posted as well, and to blog more frequently.
Unfortunately, I have no fallen off the edge of the earth. Or is it the face of the earth?

God bless,

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