July 28, 2010

Over 40 Summer Reads, how about you? (Summer Reads Part One)

I decided to post about the books I am currently reading and will read. I know I'm not the only bookworm out there. Maybe I'm the most bookwormy, but I say readers unite! Find more books to read even though we're almost at the near end of summer. You can still read books in the school year, right? I know I'll be reading books during the school year no matter how busy life will be.

Let me tell you my own story,
Once upon this time, there is a girl who goes by the name of MaidenOfEmmanuel "MOE" (pronounce 'mow'). She loves going to libraries, bookstores, the library's sites, more bookstores, author's sites, and even more libraries. The best place to spy on her is when she's sitting in the middle of an aisle at the bookstore/library. She almost always loses her library card (MOE is on her sixth or seventh library card), but the librarians know her so well they already know her name the moment she walks in (literally they'll tell MOE she has books awaiting her the moment she comes in). Wherever the books are, you'll most likely be able to find MOE in the Christian-fiction section. If she doesn't have pen and paper, she'll take her camera and photograph the covers, titles, and authors of the books she's interested in. When she gets home she looks up the most interesting authors' sites and finds even more books by them, and by then her list just continues to grow and grow to a never-ending-to-read list.

Did you enjoy reading my story?
I'm actually very picky with the books I read. I mostly read books in the Christian genre. I do read secular books, but very few secular books. The books I read must be written well, have a good story line, have my intrigue by the summary and first chapter, along with being very appropriate. Kisses are fine in books, trust me when I say I love the innocent romance in books.
Can you tell I'm picky with the books I read? Even though I'm picky about the books I read I know a lot of good Christian authors who write very well.

Anywho, last time I went to the bookstore, I wrote down so many titles of books and authors of books that its not even funny - plus I visited some sites and realized I have a growing list of books that I'd like to share with you guys. My favorite genre is Christian fiction, more specifically I like suspense, mystery, historical-fiction, trhiller, and romance (which girl doesn't?).

Note: On my to-read list every book will be in the Christian genre, so honestly, these are books that shouldn't be offensive in an innapropriate manner.
Alllllll of these books I'm listing in a detailed manner I have not read yet. These books are all on my to-read list. If I list a book I have read, I will tell you I read that book.
I would post reviews, but that would give me the longest blog-posts ever, so I'm linking to about-the-books.

Here goes nothing (and a very long blog post).

1. Title: Red
Series: #2 of The Circle Series
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Ted Dekker
Author's site: TedDekker.com

2. Title: White
Series: #3 of The Circle Series
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Ted Dekker

3. Title: Green
Series: #4 of The Circle Series
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Ted Dekker

4. Title: The Bride Collector
Genre: Thriller/suspense
Author: Ted Dekker

5. Title: Blessed Child
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Ted Dekker

6. Title: A Man Called Blessed
Series: Sequel to Blessed Child.
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Ted Dekker

I haven't looked up more of Dekker's books (though I've already read Black, Kiss, Burn, Blink [of an Eye], Thr3e, and Obsessed

7. Title: An Eye for an Eye
Series: #2 of Heroes of Quantico
Genre: Romantic suspense.
Author: Irene Hannon
Author’s site: IreneHannon.com

8. Title: In Harm’s Way
Series: #3 of Heroes of Quantico
Genre: Romantic suspense.
Author: Irene Hannon

9. Title: Fatal Judgement
Series: #1 of Guardians of Justice
Genre: Romantic suspense.
Author: Irene Hannon.

There are more books by Hannon, I just haven’t looked into the rest of Hannon’s books. I finished Against All Odd which is #1 of Heroes of Quantico and really loved the book :).

10. Title: Nightmare’s Edge
Series: #3 of Echoes from the Edge
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Bryan Davis
Author’s site: Daviscrossing.com. Bryan Davis’s site was originally DragonsInOurMidst.com
Davis has a blog on Blogger you can just click “blog” on his site.

11. Title: Starlighter
Series: #1 of Dragons of Starlight
Genre: Suspense.
Author: Bryan Davis

12. Title: Whisper on the Wind
Genre: Romantic suspense/history.
Author: Maureen Lang
Author’s site: MaureenLang.com

This post is only part one of MOE's Summer Reading of '10.
Tell me about some of the books you're reading, seriously. You don't understand how much I'm honestly telling you to leave a comment about your summer reads or write a post about your summer reads - I want enoug books to last me a very long time.


MutilatedAudio said...

I love seeing people reading lists! It helps me find new books to read! I'm also planning on reading the Ted Dekker Books that you have there. Though the others ones I haven't heard of. I'll check them out later.

I on the other hand, have about sixty new books to read. I don't know how I'm going to ever read them all. I can't really read for pleasure during the school year, too much work. D:

But I will still check out the books you're planning on read! I love book! I might do the same thing you are doing and write a list of books I'm planning on reading.

~Prism~ said...

Awesome post! I've read a lot of those books, but I think I'm going to look the others up.

*pokes* Bookie-kins, why was Erynn Mangum not on our list??????
Haha! I'm just joking. ;)

Again, I loved this post!


Galadriel said...

I like the Circle Trilogy lots. It's amazing. And Red has this one moment that's...indescrible. You'll know when you find it.

Stephanie said...

I recently read a couple Oscar Wilde plays that were good. Other than that, it's just been "The Jesus You Can't Ignore," the Bible, and a few blogs. I'll probably have more time for reading next month though. =) Which is a good thing, 'cause like you, I have a looong list...

Abigail Prudence said...

Hi Maiden! I love your playlist!!! I also love your blog so much that I have given it the Sunshine Award! Please check out my blog for more details!

God Bless you!

Araken said...

40, eh? That's great! I'm going to have to tally up mine now.

MaidenOfEmmanuel said...

Mutilated: Dekker's books are nice :).

Prism: I forgot Erynn Mangum's name :P.

Gal: Don't spoil anything in the book :)! I will read Red, you're the second person who has told me they liked Red a lot.

Stephanie: Sounds like you're reading a lot :).

Araken: I'm only guessing above 40 books :P.