July 12, 2010

Prayer Request - My abuela

Today is the third day my abuela (abuela is grandma in Spanish) has been in the hospital. She has had Crohn's disease for almost her whole life and my uncles are doctors, so when she gets sick, she just stays at their house. (If you don't know what Crohn's disease is I would suggest you look it up on Wikipedia or something rather. Crohn's disease bad, but not always fatal if you treat the disease well and a person can have a long life with it - but you get sick frequently every year for the rest of your life.) Since she stays at my uncle's houses everytime she gets sick, her going to the hospital is rather shocking and nerve-wracking. She's in her seventies and very weak right now.
She went to the ER because she had a fever of 104 and the fever would not leave. The doctors found out that the infection is actually spread in her bloodstream so her whole body is infected right now and I think they were thinking of a transfusion.
I went to visit my abuela around 6 PM and found out that she would have surgery around 12:30. My dad, my twin sister, more relatives, and I stayed there till the surgery was done and a little after.
They did surgery on her because they had a feeling her intestines were blocked and her intestines were blocked. Food wasn't going down her intestines and she couldn't use the restroom for a day or two. If they hadn't done the surgery on her she would have died in a couple days. Right now her body is fighting the infection and recuperating from the surgery and the intestines that had to be painfully expanded by the food. She'll be in the hospital for at least two weeks if not more weeks at the hospital.
I didn't get home till 3:30 AM this morning but my evening and day had been productive by just visit in the hospital and spending time making her a huge banner with my cousins and siblings.
The banner my cousins and I made for my abuela says, "Las abuelas sostiene nuestras manecitas por un rato, pero nuestros corazones para siempre." The saying we put on her banner means, "The grandmothers hold our hands for a little while, but our hearts forever." All of us cousins traced our hands and signed our names.
My abuela was too incoherent at some point to see the banner but she saw it later and she seemed pretty happy about the banner. Her words don't come out loud and clear, but the adults who know Spanish very well will put their ear down and understand what she's saying.
(My twin sister is the girl in the picture.)
My abuela has been in ICU since Saturday night and she's been there all of yesterday and she's there today. Please pray she heals.

God bless,


MutilatedAudio said...

I hope she get better soon. I think that banner was a really cute a sweet idea, I love it!

~Prism~ said...

Praying ♥


Mrs. Armstrong said...

Aw. Danielle. We will continue praying for her.

Hopeful Maiden said...

That is a great gift =] I hope your grandmother has a speedy recovery Danielle. Be encouraged.


Farmgirl said...

Oh,I'm sorry.I'll be praying! I'm back in the blogging world I hope you'll become a follower again!