August 24, 2010's "Beach Fun".

A lot of people already know that I am an aspiring amateur photographer, I've been taking pictures of events for people, I take portrait pictures of people.
The site always has photo-challenges ever week of the year and the age starts from fourteen to above for amateur photographers and professional photographers.

The difference between amateur photographers and professional photographers might seem unfair for contest participants but even the site hosts made it clear that the only reason why you're a professional photographer is because you're being payed for your photos.

I decided to participate in the photo-contest this week of iheartfaces. The theme for the photo-blog is Beach Fun.
If you have any pictures of someone at the beach blessed with skill visit :).

This is my iheartfaces entry for their "Beach Fun" photo-contest :). Visit for more information to join in on their photo-fun!

God bless,


Tanni said...


Kayla Van Patten said...

I completely agree with you! Although I AM a professional photographer and get paid to be one...that doesn't mean that I'm any better than someone who doesn't get paid for it. Your picture proves that. Great job and may God Bless!!

valerie said...

your sand over there is so white and clean!!! hahaha