May 7, 2010

Second Blogoversary Today - MOE's blog under redecorating construction soon.

I will post again soon. But I'd like to announce that today is my second blogoversary! My gidget-gadget gizmo thing that tells me when my blogoversary is either wrong or broken :P. Anywho, I'd love to thank all of my fellow blogger-pals for sticking with me, and I intend to have a post of everyone who's been either following me or keeping in touch old and new on here and their blogs :).

ALSO I believe I shall redecorate my blog soon, so if things seem a little messy, just hang in with my posts and blog stuff. My blog will be better I assure you after the messy posts and gadgets and pictures and colors everywhere!

God bless,


Violinist4Christ said...

Happy blog anniversary!! By the way, I've awarded you on my blog, so check it out for details.


SSTswimmer said...


Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary! =)

The Frog said...

Cool for you! Like one of the only blogs I read, other than maybe one other xP.