April 24, 2010

21 Names of God - Part 2/3

A continual, part 2/3, of the twenty-one names of God (if you didn't read the first, and would like to, it's the post right before this one-- or follow this link "21

Names of God - Part 1/3):

8. El Shaddai
(pronounced "el-shaw-DIE")
The All Sufficient One, The God of the mountains, God Almighty
*References in the Bible:
Genesis 17:1-3, 35:11, 48:3, 49:25
Psalm 90:2

9. Immanuel
(pronounced "ih-MAN-u-el")
God with us, "I Am"
*References in the Bible:
Isaiah 7:14, 8:8-10
Matthew 1:23

10. Jehovah
(pronounced "juh-HO-vah")
"I Am", The One Who Is, The Self-Existent One
*References in the Bible:
Exodus 3:14, 6:2-4, 34:5-7
Psalm 102

11. Jehovah-Jireh
(pronounced "juh-HO-vah JI-rah")
The Lord will provide
*References in the Bible:
Genesis 22:13, 14
Psalm 23
Mark 10:45
Romans 8:2

12. Jehovah-Mekaddishkem
(pronounced "juh-HO-vah mek-KAH-dish-KIM")
The Lord Who Sanctifies
*References in the Bible:
Exodus 31:12, 13
1 Peter 1:15, 16
Hebrews 13:12
1 Thessalonians 5:23, 24

13. Jehovah-Nissi
(pronounced "juh-HO-vah NEE-see")
The Lord is my Banner
*References in the Bible:
Exodus 17:15, 16
Deuteronomy 20:3, 4
Isaiah 11:10-12
Ephesians 6:10-18

14. Jehovah-Rapha
(pronounced "juh-HO-vah RAH-fah")
The Lord Who Heals
*References in the Bible:
Exodus 15:25-27
Psalm 103:3
Psalm 147:3
1 Peter 2:24

I didn't respond to any of the comments over my post, but I did want to respond to Camden's comment.
@Camden: Hmm, I DID look up whether Elohim is plural, and so far I've been finding that it's not-- BUT that's just the meaning that it's not. Maybe it was meant, in how they formed the word, to be plural. I'll see if I check more into it, but I haven't found that it is yet. Thanks for bringing that up. :)

NEW POLL! It's on this post this time. COMMENT AND PICK. At the very end, I'll have ALL of the names of God on there.

Study the names more - they're interesting!

God bless,
~Maiden Of Emmanuel


Galadriel said...

It's great to see how awesome God is

Squeaks said...

Awesome! I love the names of God...each one is so special. It's like...it's like a cherry bomb XD They all are potent enough to change your environment. :P


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)