July 5, 2009

A hot Independence Day...

I hope everyone had an awesome fourth of July!! It's usually always fun for us. Parade, chill, then fireworks. =) I LOVE the fireworks, and I actually got a ton of pictures and a video of the grand finale! I think I shall post it sometime later... for I'm not feeling very great.
Which brings me to the title of this post. Yeah, where I live it gets really hot, but this time it was hotter than usual. Yesterday my sister and I started up on a cold, and then we got a fever. I hardly had any sleep last night (only like, three hours), and then I thought I was all better this morning.
So I went to church. :P My sister stayed home because she still had a major fever, but I didn't have it that bad. Well when I got to church I was REALLY sore (I think from the fever), I felt EXTREMELY weak, and I looked pale. I stayed like that (in pain) for the whole time and finally got home. My twin was still feeling bad, and I was just ridiculously tired.
--Resting like a bum, I wake up and my fever is 102.-something-. JOY.
I'd really like some prayer for my family. This isn't fun at all. I DO think I'm getting better, but I sitll have to go through this process of fighting it. *sighs*

So yesss. :)

God bless,


Elizabeth J. said...

Sorry you've been so ill, get well soon.

Miranda Cosgrove Fan said...

I had a great 4th of july!

Sorry that you are sick. I had the cold twice last month, so I know how it feels. My temperature was 104 at one point. I hope you get better soon and I will be sending prayers up to heaven as much as possible.

Misha said...

oh thats stinks :( I hope you feel better soon!