June 7, 2009

I appreciate living a little more...

Okay, well... WOW. I wonder if my title brought curious visitors to those who have me in there blogroll/update thingy. ;) Hahh.
YESTERDAY was just full of excitement--and pain. I really do mean that I appreciate living a little more.
June 06, 2009, I was going to a baby-shower and I was in bascially my church clothes (except for my jeans), and all happy-go-lucky. It had just finished POURING and my mom parked the car across the house from where the part was being held, and along the street (parallel, on the grass). I hopped out of the car with my twin and while my mom started crossing the street, we were faced with a pretty long-- and kind of wide-- puddle right on the street. We basically couldn't go around it, and I didn't want to get wet, but I didn't have my sneakers on. But my sister did. She held my hand and we were about to jump, but then I hesitated and didn't. She made it across, but I was still standing on the street before this puddle.

Alright, news-fact for the people who didn't know: I'm not only scared of heights, but I'm scared of jumping things. Those kids that jump off those high stairs, making it to the ground all excited and not hurt--oh man, I could never do that. BACK to my story...

-----So then, my sister looked back at me and started laughing. And I was not happy with that, it made me look like I was just really scared or delicate--so I jumped. Here's where everyone rolls their eyes and calls me stupid, idiotic, etc.
The moment my church shoes (which DO have line 1-inch heels) hit the ground, they went flying up in the air.

[[Okay, remember in those cartoons how when a character would fall, their feet would REALLY fly up from underneath them, just making it look even more fake? Yeah, IT CAN BE REAL. Because it literally happened to me.]]

Nahh, my back didn't hit the street first. --My head did. Oh man, oh man, was it painful. All I remember is jumping and then my head exploding on me. My sister came running over to me, because while she and mom were walking away, my collision with the ground made a pretty great sound.
The first thought that came to my head was
"Oh, Lord, I love you."

-I was so thankful. Why? Not only did it not SO MUCH sense INTO me, but I hadn't died. Just a little worse and I probably would have lost consciousness.-
I had a SEVERE headache for two hours. None of the two "*starts quoting in commercial voice* Extra-Strength Tylenol" worked. I was at the baby-shower for an hourand a half, starting to feel nauscious-- I ended up at our Children's hospital, and FOUR HOURS of being there, the CAT Scan said I was clear, all I have is a mild-concussion.
Guess what I FEEL LIKE doing (because I'm not permitted to doing so) right now?
Happy-dancing. =D

I cried at how many times people called to check up on me. My sister left her Facebook status that I was in the ER, and so many people responded to it. Everyone that said they were praying/hoping I felt better and asking for updates either called or e-mailed. --And it made me feel so much better. I didn't realize that even adults cared about whether I was feeling alright or not. I also realized that life was a little more precious to me than I thought.
You know how there are some people that say they really couldn't care whether they were alive or not. How they absolutely hate life? Most people call them emo or something, but there are people that aren't even stereo-typed and they act like they couldn't care what life is. I started JOKING around with people who were like that, I would always pretend that maybe it wasn't so important as I thought--as some people would say it was.
I probably wasn't close to dying, but my head got hit pretty ridiculously hard. When I had left I had rushed out the door, but this morning I just sat with my youngest sister because I was making up for the time I hadn't said goodbye to her yesterday.

God IS awesome, amazing, powerful, merciful, great, all-mighty, and everything else great you could ask for. He's BIG and He can carry you anywhere, anytime.

So there's my story. :P It's okay if you didn't even read the whole thing, it was pretty long... I'm stuck here at home while everyone's at church, so I had the time. ;)
Though if you did, I hope you got my meaning in the whole thing. It's pretty clear. I used to love life. I just love it even more now.

God bless,


Zoe said...

I read it all! Wow, that would be scary. You got a great point out of it, though!

Miranda Cosgrove Fan said...

I read it all! I don't think heads and concrete are supposed to meet that fast if they are supposed to meet at all. I'm glad that you are alright. God certainly does have his ways of teaching us lessons, even if they are a little painful...ok, maybe really painful...

Helen said...

Glad that you're okay now :-)

Awesome blog, by the way.

Camden said...

Wow =P. I guess the moral of this story is 'Never jump over a puddle with heels!' =D

But really, it takes a good smack in the back of the head sometimes to make us look at our life, and how we live it. It sounds like you found that out! ;-)


~Prism~ said...

Wowzers. I read it all, bookins. I'm so glad you're okay!!! Who would be the bestest???!!!

God Bless ya chica,


Elizabeth J. said...

My goodness, that doesn't sound fun at all. I'm so glad you weren't severly injured!