March 21, 2009

Books and life! :D

WOW, so I've been going on this crazy reading streak, like I always am. :D ANYWAY, so I've had ten billion books on my hand, when, just last month, I had none!!! :P So, I'm gonna make a list of the "Have Read" AND "Is Reading".

Have Read

1) True Courage, by Dee Henderson
2) The Negotiator, by Dee Henderson

Is Reading

1) Thr3e, by Ted Dekker
2) The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls
3) The Protector, by Dee Henderson

Sometime when I have time, I'll give you the list of my ten ABOUT TO READ's.
Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted. I've gotten really busy with school--and I have to do a test prep for my IOWA test in May, which is gonna drive me nuts. :P
BUT--GUESS WHAT?! Mom's going to find out if she's pregnant with a boy or girl tomorrow!! I'm so excited!! :D

Talk soon, pray for me,

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