March 2, 2009

100th post!


WELL, it's my one hundredth post! lol. ANd though it's nothing special, I planned it out to do it along with ~Prism~/aGoMC/DoTella to do it on the same day. And it turns out that Twin4God/Bryce's 100th post is today too! :D

HOW COOL. haha

So yeah, I'm linking to them....

1) ~Prism~
2) Twin4God

:D SO yeah... YAY.

ANYWAY, ~Prism~ and I decided to do a hundred things about ourselves, so this is mine. =]

1) I love to write
2) I'm homeschooled
3) I play the violin
4) I love math
5) I can play my own songs (I've created) on piano
6) I'm addicted to M&M's. Their my drugs, basically. :P
7) I'm a Christian through and through
8) I can't draw anything very well
9) I doodle a ton
10) 2009 is the best year so far =]
11) Princess Aurora (AKA: Sleeping Beauty) is my favorite Disney princess
12) I ran out of books a couple months ago, and now I have ten that are awaiting my eyes
13) I'm writing a book
14) I don't know Spanish, and I should
15) I love photography
16) I love to talk
17) My favorite type of movies are sappy, historical, and mystery ones. =]
18) I'm into drama
19) I love music
20) I only have a few best friends, but they're all pretty amazing
21) My favorite food is lasagna
22) I love Italian food
23) My favorite colors are brown, gray, and blue.
24) I'm half American/Cuban
25) I can get pretty crazy, but some people like it... :P (They're crazy)
26) I like wearing jewelry
27) I really like Sprite and Coke
28) I love DISNEY WORLD :D
29) I have a 100 paged book right now
30) I'm usually a loner....
31) I love friendship bracelets, though I dislike making them
32) I love roses
33) My favorite movies are Amazing Grace, National Treasure, Pride and Prejudice, and Meet the Robinsons
34) I used to play basketball
35) I like nailpolish
36) I used to act like a tomboy, but now I embrace my girlness a LOT
37) I'm pretty blunt
38) I'm nice
39) I've gotten closer to God in 08 and 09 then ever before
40) I got baptized on Easter
41) I almost died twice
42) I am so forgetful, I call it short-term memory loss. I can literally forget a day later what you say
43) I like The Beatles and U2
44) I wish I could learn how to ride a horse
45) Even more, I wish I could ballroom dance--even though that sounds so strange. I REALLY do.
46) I'm extremely unflexible
47) I had people sign their names on my sneakers I have currently
48) I have a digestion problem
49) I'm pretty random
50) I don't think I'm interesting enough to have 100 things about me
51) My favorite season is winter
52) I hate being cold, but I get cold way easier than most people. It's weird. O.O
53) I hate tomatos
54) I journal a LOT
55) I love giraffes and monkeys
56) Snakes scare me
57) I'm terrified of the dark and some PG movies
58) I love how my brother likes being with me
59) I like Valentine's Day a lot because people alwaysgive me chocolate sometime rather =]
60) I'm pretty good in school
61) I correct some people's grammar
62) I want to see Dark Knight, but I heard it'd scare me
63) I have a secret chocolate stash that know one knows where it is
64) My dad and I are pretty close
65) I used to think police were Christians when I was little
66) I've dissected a worm and a crayfish without getting sick
67) I love dressing up
68) I like photo-editing
69) My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln
70) I wish I was the child that sat in Jesus' lap
71) I want to live to one-hundred
72) I love challenges
73) I honestly think you should do Bryce's Scavenger Hunt (Look it up in my sidebar)
74) I keep my emotions locked up a lot
75) I used to be able to do the ABC's in sign-language, but no I'm not so sure
76) I wish I owned some library books... (maybe I should just steal some!)
77) I love to smile and laugh, but I honestly think I look weird laughing
78) I can get pretty serious at times
79) I wish I could fly sometimes
80) I love posting on my blog
81) I love meeting new people
82) I have an amazing Christian family <3
83) I like to chew gum
84) My dad wants me to learn Hebrew, but I don't
85) I have four siblings, and about to have a fifth
86) I have a twin sister
87) I don't look like her as much as I used to
88) I love winning :P
89) I like caffiene, but I try not to drink coffee much
90) I love the O'Malley Chronicles, and I've been trying to convince Miss Brycie-kins to read 'em for a while
91) I love mysteries
92) I doodle while note-taking
93) I don't think I see the world like most people do
94) I'm a tree-hugger
95) I like art
96) I don't watch movies very much...Only the ones that are my favorite
97) I volunteer in my church's nursery
98) I'd rather read then watch TV
99) I love spending time with my WHOLE family. Cousins and aunts and such
100) I love holidays


Happy Monday!


Zoe said...

We have a lot in common. I wish I could ballroom dance too. It would probably be fun! lol!

Bryce said...

Wow. This is so crazy that we're all posting our 100th posts on the same day! I really should have done 100 facts too... oh well, I'm not interesting enough anyway. :P

I really like 73 by the way. ;) lol

I want to read ALL of the books you've suggested! The crazy thing is, the bookstore I went to didn't even HAVE The Negotiator (sp?)! I was bummed, but I'm going to keep trying. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I loved the list. :)

Tibby said...

Wow! That's really cool. I can relate to a lot of those!