June 30, 2010

Help me, anyone? Comment!

I have been searching and searching for templates/backgrounds for my blog. I have used "TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock" numerous times, and though their backgrounds are nice... I'm thinking about trying another site for the fun of it :).

So! If anyone has any blogger template/background sites (even tutorial on how to do your own background and links and such - because I know how to do some of that!) then please leave a comment with your name/user and the link to the site :).

I can make my own background and banner and I've done links, but I'd much rather prefer to get a template that lets me have to columns on the side so no one will have to keep scrolling all the way down to search for things. I'm lazy ;P.

God bless,

*I would preferably like a site that has black and white backgrounds -- but the black and white backgrounds is not needed at all.*


Anonymous said...

I haven't exactly looked very good at this site I just know that it has free backrounds (and custom things if you want to pay) But I pretty sure their should be at least have one or 2 you'll likr!
God's Country girl

(AKA Blythe)

MutilatedAudio said...



That's where I normally go to get my backgrounds. :D And I also use the site that you use