February 14, 2010

God IS Love, He can be your valentine, and so can another - Valentine's Day Special

Song of Solomon is basically like a book about and of love in the Bible. There are also poetic books of the Bible. I'm in the middle of reading the book of Psalms for my devotions, and it has plenty of praises to God and plenty of verses that show how loving God is.

God is Love.

My reading of the Psalms have showed me He is so merciful.
My sinning nature and the fact He sent His Son shows how powerful and loving He is.
David KNEW He wasn't going to forsake him. God is also trustworthy.
Adonai answers prayers as well (and in this post I have a story on my prayer this past week :D). God listens.

There are so many more things about Him. Those are just a few.
BUT Valentine's Day is what I'm focusing on today. I would've posted this on the 14th (the literal Valentine's Day), but I wasn't feeling very well. So here I am two days after.
V-Day is a day on love. And there are different ways people celebrate this day, especially if you're a Christian and single.

Many Christian single young ladies and ladies will take Jesus as their "valentine". But you can just say He is your love. There's a difference between Jesus being the One that holds your heart-- and your valentine.

The definition of Valentine: "val⋅en⋅tine / Spelled Pronunciation [val-uhn-tahyn]
–noun 1. a card or message, usually amatory or sentimental but sometimes satirical or comical, or a token or gift sent by one person to another on Valentine Day, sometimes anonymously.
2. a sweetheart chosen or greeted on this day.
3. a written or other artistic work, message, token, etc., expressing affection for something or someone."

It's a little bit more of a physical sweetheart (that term is used for both a boy and girl) than a spiritual one. But it is true that God holds everyone Christian's heart. :) Jesus saved us, so He has us. And He does show His love.
All the time.

The difference on Valentine's Day is one for physical, but its okay to say Jesus is too. He once was physical. Though not anymore. Which is pretty cool.
I prayed two weeks ago for a cold front on my birthday (last week), when it was pretty hot. Guess what? Almost our whole contry received snow and I got my cold front -- on my birthday and Valentine's Day. You can bet I was praising.

God shows His love many ways.

God is always there for you. Even on days that aren't for a day of love. He IS love.

God bless,


SSTswimmer said...

Yes, God loves us, even though we do terrible things sometimes.

Happy late Valentine's Day! :p

Anonymous said...

I think I get what you're saying... That since God loves us all the time and we love Him, Valentine's Day should celebrate "people love"? I just choose to look at it from a different perspective, I guess. I am amazed each and every day at His love for me. There are others in my life that I love, and I celebrate them on Valentine's Day too. But I see it this way... If Jesus wasn't in my life, the rest of my relationships would not be able to fill the hole in my heart. If my life would be empty without His love, why celebrate only my people relationships on Valentine's Day? They would be meaningless without Him in the picture. So I praise God for His love and for blessing me with people on this earth who love me. =)
P.S. I hope this makes sense. :P Remember, I need to work on my communication skills... lol
P.P.S. That was so sweet of God to give you the desire for cold weather & fulfill it. =)

Araken said...

I was praying for snow as well! 49 of 50 states got it! Not bad...

MaidenOfEmmanuel said...

Mhmm. Even the bad times. :)

Stephanie, I remember what you had said (because others say it too) about Valentine's Day, and I whole-heartedly agree. :) I was just pointing out its also a day for other people's sweethearts too. Hence the flowers and chocolate given on that day. :)
Annd, it's your choice if you didn't have Jesus to celebrate your relationship with someone. Of course, it'd be very empty for me if I didn't have Him, because the relationship is just a bonus. :)

Araken, I was going to point that out. But that's awesome! God completely moves heavens for the ones He loves. :)

His workmanship said...

One of the hardest things for me to accept was that God loves me. I'm so happy that the Lord answered your prayer =] how exciting! We love Him because He first loved us what a priveledge <3