August 27, 2009


WHY THIS POST IS SO IMPORTANT? I realized that I've been using the name "Bookie" for a while, and though it's been fun and all using it... I've decided to change "bookworm4god".
Guys, my new name is now MaidenOfEmmanuel.

The fun part about this? I know it's so confusing, but to lessen that up, I'm letting you guys pick nicknames. I've already thought of a couple, but I'd love to see how creative you guys are with that.
I know I've had old blogger friends (such as Prism, Ian, Araken, Sapphirra, Paris, Camden, Bryce, etc...), so this'll be a little confusing, but unless you've read this post, you'll understand. :)

Sorry for the confusion.

The baby is gettng cuter every day, and I LOVE holding her. She's so sweet!
Also, school's starting up, and I'm wondering how frequent my blog posts will be, but if you guys need prayer for that, I most definitely will pray for you! Or any other specific or non-specific prayer requests, I'd LOVE to help. :) Some of you have already asked, and I so appreciate the honor of praying for you. :)

Please do pray for me in school wise. I'd appreciate that.

I can't believe this summer is leaving already!! It's like flown by... Insane. :P

Which brings me to...........*sound effects "dun-dun-dunnnnn"*:

I FINISHED MY BOOK!!!! *happy-dances* It's called Cured, and it was for my NaNoWriMo. It took me FOREVER to write (almost a year), but I did it! And it shouldn't have taken me so long, but I got kinda lazy. *blinks*
Anywho, it's 138 pages long, and 83 or 84 thousand words long. :D I'm thrilled about it, and I've already started another book called "The Petals of Rose".
I think it'll be better than Cured actually... :P

Well, later gators! (And I'm serious about the prayer guys. :P :))

God bless,


Anonymous said...

I like the name. =) Can't think of any nicknames for it though... I think I saw some sugggestions somewhere - was it the photography forum? I can't remember, but those sounded good - Moe and Emma.
Yes, I could definitely use prayer for this school year... I was already feeling overwhelmed the other day and my dad (without knowing I needed it) read Isaiah 40:28-31 to us. =) So, I think a big lesson I'll learn this year will be on leaning on the Lord for strength and seeking Him for help. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers as well!
Love you!

joelle said...

MaidenOfEmmanuel sounds sweet!
Thank you for the comment you left in my blog, i really appreciate it.
I will pray for you.
please for a friend of mine called Emma.
God bless

~Prism~ said...

I prayed, and I love the name! 'Course, it wasn't too hard to understand since the way we correspond is that user name....

Anywho, I absolutely love your header and the fact that you finished Cured. WAHOO! A HUGE congrats there!!! It feels so wonderful to have finished an actual book, no? Now, to get it in book form.... *winks*

How 'bout Maggie?

God Bless,


Miranda Cosgrove Fan said...

I will pray for you!

~Desiree~ said...

Hi there Maiden of Emmanuel! I can't wait to read your book!

Elizabeth J. said...

I like your new blog header.

Tippie said...

I will pray for you most definitely. I know how much school can be. I'm already behind in history reading! My goodness!

I am no good at coming up with nicknames, so sorry there. :/

Congratz on finishing Cured! It is SO much fun to finish a book!

Btw, I tagged you on my blog post:

~!Breanna!~ said...